Goalkeeper Stretching Pre match Warm up

Article credit: Just 4 Keepers

Source: https://just4keepers.co.uk/goalkeeper-stretching-pre-match-warm-up/

Many of us have gone to tournaments or club games and before the game start,  you see goalkeepers going straight to their regular diving, and catching routine with a coach, teammate or a parent, then the team takes shots on the goalkeeper and few minutes later, the game is on. This example happens too often and the number of injuries are increasing every year.

To avoid INJURIES and to IMPROVE range of motion you need to stretch properly. However, YOUR STRETCHING ROUTINES WILL AFFECT YOUR PERFORMANCE.  I will give you the short version of the DO’s and DONT’S of stretching  and its benefits.

First, lets clear few things regarding game day. On game day, you should arrive early and start the warm up and stretching  process with your goalkeeper coach (if you have one). Avoid warming up with the team and concentrate on your needs as goalkeeper.

 Stretching tips:

Never stretch cold muscle.  You MUST WARM UP FIRST . It helps the blood gets to the tissue before you stretch.  Example of warm up exercise are light jogging, knee- lifts or even-butt kicks to name a few.

After warming up, do dynamic (NOT static) stretches. Dynamic stretching are slow, controlled movements rather than remaining still and holding a stretch. Example of dynamic stretches, to name a few, include simple movements like arm circles and hip rotations, walking or light jog etc. just keep moving…

Note: Use static stretches after you are done playing a match or after you are done with practice. This kind of stretch will help your flexibility.

For a goalkeeper, you could mix it up in so many ways:  You could start with a light jogging for few minutes, then do some catching. After few minutes of catching, you could do some kick-butts for few more minutes and return for more catching or divings. Again, there are a number of combinations you can do but the most important thing to remember is that every goalkeeper needs to have a proper stretching  routine and if you fail to do so,  you will be exposing yourself to injuries and it may decrease your strength, power, and performance.