Keeper Wars Ink Excited to Team Up with Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association!

Keeper Wars Ink is excited to bring the game of Keeper Wars to "The Badger State"!

"As we continue to bring more Keeper Wars Ink events all around the US, we are excited to be bringing yet another new region of the nation our keeper wars game! Wisconsin has a rich history of soccer and we are thrilled to see the keeper talent it has. We look forward to building a longterm partnership with Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association and giving back to the keeper community together!"

Casey Clark, Co-Founder & CEO - Keeper Wars Ink

"We’re excited to bring this opportunity to Wisconsin and highlight the Keeper culture in the state. Having a local tournament with the possibility of advancing to a national event is rare and we can’t wait to see Wisconsin represented at it!"

Meghan Ward, Communications & Outreach - Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association

Registration is Now Open for our 1st City Tour Event in Wisconsin, to be held April 17-18, 2021 in Milwaukee!

To learn more and sign up, click here!