Keeper Wars National Championship 2022

Keeper Wars Ink Finished its 2nd annual Keeper Wars USYS National Championship event in Orlando Florida last month! It was an amazing event that Baseball fans would have called a Home Run. We had over 200 keepers that represented their families, clubs, and state associations from 35 different states around the US! As if this wasn't amazing enough, our competition took place at one of the most prestigious soccer complexes in the US, Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. The talent, facility, and families at our national event were second to none and we as KWI was honored to be a part of it. 
On Friday, July 22nd at our event, we honored all +200 National Qualifiers for making it the biggest event of its kind. The event was held at The Stadium and was ushered by Keeper Wars Ink's very own Jim Clark who set our event off with a bang by bringing out the true feel of what we as Keeper Wars Ink are all about. Casey Clark our CEO came onto the main field and gave praise to all the people who helped make this possible and a few words of motivation on playing keeper but also in life. Keeper Wars Ink surprised all our families, with the support of US Youth Soccer, and had a huge special guest come out to say a few words to our Keepers. Brazilian World Cup Goalkeeper Aline Reis came out and surprised the crowd with an appreciation for the position and love for Keeper Wars while sharing stories that impacted her playing career and how she was able to handle the challenges that came with playing at the highest levels. She shared with all keepers that one must enjoy the position in order to reach their full potential. 

As we entered Day 1 of our competition the keepers were welcomed with warm Orlando Florida weather and a tough acclimation for keepers who have not been through humid heat in their respective parts of the US. As they say, keepers are tough and they fought through it with a smile on their faces! The only thing that could stop these keepers was the Orlando thundershowers that shut down the complex for multiple hours. The keepers made their way back to the fields and competed until the final whistle. 

The Final day was upon us and with the final day came nerves, excitement, and bumps and bruises from the battles the day before. Keepers were all smiles yet again getting to know their competition and families connecting from all around the US. There is no other competition, that we know of, that has such a fiercely competitive environment but yet a community that accepts all and becomes close during the tournaments. Keeper families understand how hard this position is and our events bring them together to make one of the greatest sports communities we have come to know. As soon as the final whistle blows it is a special site to see both sides shaking hands, congratulating each other, and forming bonds that will last well beyond the game of Keeper Wars. 

We even heard a story of a keeper walking by another game being played with her phone in hand and a missed shot broke her phone. Now, most people would be very upset about this but instead, the shooter and this goalkeeper with a broken phone became friends and ended up hanging out after the competitions were done! You tell us what other sporting event that would happen!
On Day 2, the final day came to an end there was a little blood, lots of sweat, and both kinds of tears. All of this shows the passion and love they have for their craft of playing keeper. A few were lucky enough to leave with hardware, but all who came and competed left with a memory that will last them a lifetime. All keepers who placed first through third left with hardware and the opportunity to say they are among the best in the nation at what they do. (See our list below) 
"I am honored to be able to have such an amazing team, partners, and community that believes in what we do... For that, I am forever grateful. We look forward to what is to come and are excited to continue to give back to the goalkeeper community everything I wish I had growing up. Stay tuned because we at Keeper Wars Ink are not done yet and plan to truly leave this world better than we found it."   Casey Clark CEO & Co-Founder of Keeper Wars Ink
Keeper Wars Ink would like to congratulate the following players for placing at the 2nd Annual Keeper Wars Ink/USYS National Championship at ESPN Wide World of Sports. We hope to see you all soon to defend your titles and continue building your legacy! 
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Winners TableAge GroupChampions
18U-19U Boys1st- Jeremy Rueda              El Paso, TX
2nd- William Wells   West Hartford, CT
3rd- Collin Bridges      Sandersville, GA
18U-19U Girls1st- Ella Gumienny           Douglas, MA
2nd- Mckenzie Gregory  Waterford, CT
16U-17U Boys1st- Seth Timple-DornBrook Germantown, WI
2nd- Connor Allen             Madisonville, LA
3rd- Jaime Perez                   Crossville, TN

16U-17U Girls1st- Mckenna Barham     Laramie, WY
2nd- Payton Griffin Overland Park, KS
3rd- Rowan Phillips          Monaca, PA
14U-15U Boys1st- Rogelio Barrera  Winter Garden, FL
2nd- Abram Wall        North Newton, KS
3rd- Marcos Aguirre       Broomfield, CO
14U-15U Girls1st- Natalie Myers        Sugar Groove, IL
2nd- Reese McCabe               Oxford, WI
3rd- Addison Sanchez          Merced, CA
12U-13U Boys1st- Alex Martinez               Houston, TX
2nd- Jaxon Shulenberger     Runnels, IA
3rd- Xavier Lopez                  Tucson, AZ
12U-13U Girls1st- Audrey Cox            Sacremento, CA
2nd- Lauryn Welsh    Overland Park, KS
3rd- Ava Sweere                 Springhill, TN
10U-11U Boys1st- Ryan Ramsey         Saint Louis, MO
2nd- Walin Ramadan      Wentzville, MO
3rd- Keller Stevens                 Olathe, KS
10U-11U Girls1st- Alexandra Andrews         Austin, TX
2nd- Jordan Duffing            O'Fallon, MO
3rd- Morgan Givens        Nolensville, TN

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