The Road to Keeper Wars Nationals

The Road to Keeper Wars Nationals

Blood, sweat, and tears are no exaggeration in the world of a Goalkeeper, especially when you throw in the competitive nature of Keeper Wars. Rosemary Elliott, now 20, got to experience it all firsthand in the very first Keeper Wars Ink City Tour in 2020-2021.

After finding out about Keeper Wars on Instagram from the Iowa Youth Soccer Association page, she knew she had to be there and see how she stacked up against the best goalkeepers around the Des Moines, Iowa area and beyond.

Rosemary Elliott started playing soccer when she was 5 years old in Academy. She quickly moved up to Select, where she started to take the keeper position a little more seriously and began to thrive. After trying out for the Iowa ODP team and making it, while also becoming a 4-year letter winner at her high school, Rosemary knew Keeper Wars Champion was the next challenge she had to defeat!

On day one of the competition, Rosemary saw some familiar faces and a couple of new ones throughout her 6 games. Completing the day with a record of 3-2 and 3rd place overall in the 18U-19U Women’s Division. On Day 1, even though she lost two games, Rosemary learned many things about herself and the competition. She knew she was still in the hunt to reach the final and what she had to do on Day 2 to get there. On the second day of the first KWI City Tour Event, Rosemary brought her A-game and took herself to the championship where she won 9-4 to qualify for the first annual KWI National Championship.

July 23, 2021. Sarasota, FL. Day 1 of the first ever Keeper Wars National Championship Event. Rosemary finished the day with a record of 4-1-1, meeting some fierce competitors but also making quite a few friends along the way. After an evening with the family and caring for her body, she was ready for her final day to prove she had what it takes to be a National Champion. 

July 24, 2021. Sarasota, FL. Day 2, Championship Day. Rosemary was mentally tested from the get go with an early first game loss, but kept her mindset right and pushed through to reach the Championship Game at the inaugural Keeper Wars National Championship Event. 

After a weekend of some blood, a few tears, tons of sweat, and extreme focus, Rosemary took home the Championship trophy with a final score in the Championship Game of 11-9 against a tough opponent Alexus Townsend.

After receiving her trophy, she was bombarded by the “parent paparazzi.” At the backdrop, Jim Clark asked her, “what she liked most about the Keeper Wars event?” She thought, “I had no idea what to say because of all the positive things that came from Keeper Wars.” Keeper Wars is a tough game! To go through it once in Iowa and then again in Florida in the same year is an impressive feat. Jim Clark asked another question, “if and how did Keeper Wars help build her game.”She replied, “Keeper wars helped me not only as a player but as a person. I'm a very competitive person. So when I lose, I get upset.” She added, “Keeper wars has helped me learn that even if I lose, I will still be fine. Everyone loses. Nobody has won at everything in life. Playing Keeper Wars, at some point, you will lose a match. How you react can influence not only yourself but others as well.” 

Rosemary took the step to the next level and played for Iowa Western Junior College. Here she again grew not only as a player but as a person too. After winning the National Championship and graduating in December of 2022, she has now progressed to an even higher level! She currently plays for Limestone University in South Carolina, an NCAA Division 2 program. 

When asked where she wanted to go, you better believe she’s aiming for the top. Last year, she had the opportunity to play with a United Women’s Soccer (UWS) team, Sporting Nebraska. “I thought it was a great opportunity to train with other collegiate athletes at a high level,” Rosemary said after the experience. Rosemary Elliott currently competes at the collegiate and semi-professional soccer levels. Make no mistake, her goal is to play at the top level professionally. Whether it be here in the U.S. or she takes her talents overseas.

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