The USYS Goalkeeper Club is Evolving

The USYS Goalkeeper Club is Evolving

"My team and I are excited about where our USYS GK Club program is headed and the splash we have made thus far! Through the support of so many great people, a solid foundation of great partners who want to support this tough position, and staff that continues to truly go the extra mile for my vision and dream to leave the keeper world better than we found it, we can do just that.

As we look to improve, grow, and make a greater impact on the keeper community, we need to keep sight of the obstacles that keepers and their families face. One instance brought to me hit home. Our goalkeeper club was too expensive for some families that could benefit from what our club has in store. I have been told by state associations, Casey you have a great thing here the content, the community, and discounts that are worth every penny; however, our families may not be able to afford this.

This didn’t sit right with me. I grew up in one of those families that would have struggled to pay for this. I realized if we were going to ”Walk the Talk” as our fitness and nutritionist Rob Acosta would say, we needed to make a change that benefits all keepers. I called a meeting with the other directors and USYS to explain my issue and what I felt we needed to do about it to make a change. They all agreed on what needed to be done.

I am happy to announce that we have cut our pricing for keepers to join our community by over half! This has been made possible through some amazing partners that have believed in us since the beginning. Keeper Wars Ink and the USYS GK Club are making yet another major splash in the keeper community and supporting my dream of truly leaving the soccer world better than we found it!"

- Casey Clark

CEO & Director of USYS GK Club

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