West Coast Recap - 2020-21 Season

We kicked off our Keeper Wars City Tour on the West Coast in Morgan Hill, CA September of 2020. Followed by a Regional event in Ripon, CA in May 2021. And had our final City Tour, National Qualifier for our first season in the western part of the US June 2021 in Sunnyvale, California.

"To be able to see this first hand around the US and give back to a neglected audience continues to remind us why we do what we do for our keeper community! The love for the position and immediate respect for one another as peers and competitors is something that I have yet to see anywhere else. 

Day one consisted of keepers learning quickly that 6 minutes can be a very long time for non stop shots and making diving saves one after the other. But as the day went on the keepers continued to battle it out to the best of their ability and learn quickly on what was working for them and what they needed to work on for Day 2. 

As Day 2 came along we saw many keepers come back reborn with a new playbook on how they wanted to play. As they took the adversity from day one and molded it into a lesson learned on what to do different on day 2, we saw what seemed to be new keepers come to war! My staff and I were very pleased with the number of "thank you's", "We loved this event" and "when will you be back" comments. It truly means more than than you all know to my staff and I, that is the heart and sole of why we do what we do! 

As brackets completed their final games we crowned champions and reminded the keepers fighting back tears that there will be more battles and plenty more champions crowded as we plan to be back in California for many years to come!  

We hope all enjoyed our event and we look forward to seeing you all very soon when we are back on the west coast! 

To view our list of champions from our events, visit our rankings page. All first place participants have been invited to our inaugural Keeper Wars National Championship stage that will be held July 23rd-25th in Sarasota Florida along side US Youth Soccer's Championship Series event! 2nd and 3rd place finishers will be invited on a waitlist basis as spots are available!"

Casey Clark, Keeper Wars Ink Co-Founder/CEO

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